Animation Courses in India

What are Animation Courses?

Do you love anime? Wanna learn how it is done? Then, animation courses are your go-to way. Get ready to give lifelike characteristics (motion, speech, and breath) to otherwise still or inanimate drawings or pictures.

What do animation courses typically entail? Well, it is a specialisation in 2-D and 3-D artwork, along with digital graphics, digital photography, web design and architectural model making. For someone looking for a job in this field, options are aplenty ranging from basic design and animation to digital graphics and more.

The benefits of these increased manifold due to the already high internet traffic that increases every day. Therefore, any form of digital animation or graphics is highly valued and necessary at the moment. And this is where a specialisation in animation or animation courses makes the cut for someone with the penchant and talent.

Who should pursue an animation course?


While animation courses seem to be interesting, these are not for everyone. A career in animation and design requires dedication and passion without which it is impossible to excel in this field.

It is equally important to assess your skill set before you decide to go in for an animation specialisation or trying a hand at animation courses. If your strength is web page design, then stick to honing that and perfecting it, before deciding to work on your game designing skills or say even creating and making animated characters.

That being said, animation courses are not necessarily easy to pursue. While prospective job opportunities might seem like fun, they require a trained eye for detail and an immense amount of patience. While both these skills can be acquired, the journey to perfection is slow, long and arduous. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind and hone your abilities.

Job Prospects


After completing animation courses, there is a multitude of job prospects waiting for you. Most people that have specialised in the above fields find jobs without much hassle.

  1. Web page design is becoming more and more important to website developers as attractive web pages are better at halting/increasing internet traffic or steering visibility/traffic to a good website. While navigability and good content do play an important role, the basic design element and theme do the talking in the first instance.
  2. The seemingly easy art of Photoshop is covered in many media houses and advertising agencies. Specialising in this will automatically guarantee employment.
  3. 2-D/3-D animation skills have been valued by many media and advertising houses for a long time. Proficiency in either or both will make it quite easy for one to improve their job prospects
  4. Video and audio editing is a basic requirement for most televised shows or advertisements and people with such skills are in high demand.
  5. Game designers are also in high demand due to the constant requirement that video game developing companies have to create new, more realistic and more interesting games for their customers.

Career in Animation in India: Magic Beyond Imagination


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